What is my child required to wear?


All children are to wear sensible swimwear.  All children under 3 or not-fully toilet-trained must wear a swimmer nappy and water tight swim pants (Happy Nappy) to prevent accidental contamination of the pool”. . A swimmer nappy on its own or with board shorts is not sufficient.


It is also each parent's responsibility to check their child's nappy from time to time to ensure that an accident has not occurred, if this does occur they must be taken out of the pool, cleaned and changed into clean swimwear before they can re-enter the lesson.


Parents in the aquababies classes please make sure that you wear appropriate swimwear and a rash shirt/t-shirt if possible.  The rash shirt gives the child something to grab hold of during the activities and prevents any embarrasing moments.


What if I miss a lesson?



Make up lessons will only be available due to illness and if notice is received prior to lesson time.  All make up lessons are to be booked in as an extra lesson within a four week period.  No make up lessons will be provided for absence due to holidays or work commitments. 

Make up lessons are limited to 2 per term.


What if me or my child is sick?


You must notify us if you or your child has suffered or is suffering from the following: chickenpox, colds, conjunctivitis, Diarrhoea, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, school sores, measles, meningococcal, mumps, plantar warts, vomiting, whooping cough or they are generally unwell

Due to health regulations they will be unable to participate in the lesson until they fully recover or receive medical clearance.


Our policy is that no one is to attend lessons for AT LEAST 7 DAYS after having diarrhoea or 48hrs after vomiting .... 


What do I need to bring to lessons?


All your child needs are swimmers, towel and dry clothes to change into.  Goggles are not compulsory however can be a great teaching aid to increase confidence and help those with sensitive eyes.


Where do I park?


Please park is designated parking area or on Victoria Street and enter pool via Lane.  Park sensibly to allow 3 cars in the parking area.  Please drive slowly.



What facilities do you have?


There are limited shower and change facilities so please be mindful of others and be brief when using change rooms and keep them clean and tidy.  Parents are responsible for supervising their children whilst at the centre.













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